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 Parametric Tower in West Soho, New York City

eng. Mixed use skyscraper in lower West side, Manhattan, New York City. Carried out as a Parametric Architecture study project. MZ_NW _Jamelle_ Final Presentation 12_5 MZ_NW _Jamelle_ Final Presentation 12_52 Read more


Rekonstrukcijas projekta izstrāde ēkai Bedstuy rajonā, Bruklinā, Ņujorkā.

eng. Reconstruction of a row house in Bedstuy area in Brooklyn, New York City was carried out in collaboration with architectural office Thread Collective. The three story row house was remodeled as a two flat apartment house following the principles of passive house design. Most of the materials -...
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Rekonstrukcijas projekta izstrāde ēkai Red HOOK rajonā, Bruklinā, Ņujorkā.

eng. Reconstruction project was carried out in collaboration with architectural office  Thread Collective. An existing steel frame shell cladded with brick facade material was converted into exclusive private villa house. Special technical details were incorporated to deal...
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